Terra Alkaline 4Salts Travel Packs - Capsules

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  • Get Your Salts In Easily with Capsules
  • Great Source of Potassium & Magnesium
  • Perfect Balance of Electrolytes
  • Ultimate Combination Of Your Most Crucial Fast-Absorbing Alkaline Minerals
  • Provides Immediate Remineralization

Terra Alkaline 4Salts

Suggested Use:
For Best Results:    4 capsules, 1x times daily
Beginners:    1 capsule, 1x daily

1 hour before of after meal. Do not exceed the recommended amount.

Serving size: 1-4 Capsules

Each Travel Pack Contains 30 grams (6 scoops/servings - 12 capsules)

Terra Alkaline 4Salts Ingredients (Proprietary Blend):
- Potassium Bicarbonate
- Sodium Bicarbonate
- Magnesium Carbonate
- Calcium Carbonate

Terra Alkaline 4Salts contain the ultimate combination of your most crucial fast-absorbing alkaline minerals. This perfect balance of electrolytes assists with eliminating acids while providing immediate remineralization and hydration of your body for optimal health and performance.

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