Affiliate Program Details

What is The Terra Life Store Affiliate Program?

High Level Overview

The Terra Life Store Affiliate Program essentially allows you to generate revenues from every valid purchase conducted by you. When you successfully refer a customer to us and he or she makes a purchase, you earn commissions.

We provide you with all the tools you need as an affiliate. You can enter into your Affiliate Account to see just how well you're doing as an affiliate.

We handle the order, shipment, and billing. And all you do is to place the link and make money!

Free to Join

The Terra Life Store Affiliate Program is a “Pay for Sale” program. It means we only pay commissions for the sale amount generated from you.  The program is free to join.

- No startup or maintenance fees
- 10% commission
- 30 day cookie
- $110 average order amount
- Dedicated affiliate newsletters, account support

How to start
1. Contact Us by email or phone (954-459-1134) to get signed up. We like to talk to all affiliates prior to approval
2. Choose what you like to promote and create the affiliate URL.
3. Post your affiliate URL to anywhere you like (Shopping sites , Review sites , Price Match sites , Blog , Forum, Twitter , Facebook , Youtube , etc)
4. Earn commissions from the sales sold via your links.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!