Redmond Real Salt - 16 oz

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  • Unrefined & Full Of Natural Minerals And Flavor
  • Recommended By Doctors And Health Professionals For Its Unique Blend Of Trace Minerals
  • 60+ Natural Trace Minerals Which Gives The Salt Its Unique Color, Unique Flavor & Numerous Health Benefits.
  • Mined In USA – Mined In Utah Since 1958 From An Ancient Seabed
  • Protected From Modern Pollution
  • You Will Love The Real Salt Amazing Taste

Redmond Real Salt

Available in 16 oz pouch - powder/granules

Redmond Trading Company brings you 100% real salt from Utah in their Fine Salt for everyday use. This pink salt with flecks of color features only 100% salt—no anti-caking agents, sugar, chemicals, additives or heat processing. As with all natural products, color and texture may vary. Kosher. Gluten free. Product of USA.

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