AlkaViva Melody II Water Ionizer

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  • Premium 13-stage DUAL FILTRATION system - The Melody II’s 13 stages of cutting edge filtration give you healthy water that is pristine clean!
  • Five advanced SmartDesign Electrodes - The Melody II gives you an ideal balance between of five highly engineered SmartDesign Electrodes, the right amount of power to run them, a great flow rate and solid performance. SmartDesign electrodes are the highest grade platinum and titanium available. The raw materials come from Japan.
  • Fully automatic DARC Cleaning System. Clean with every use. - Keeping your plates clean is essential to getting great H2 performance. We pioneered lasting performance with our DARC cleaning. Ultimate insurance!
  • Real-time Flow Control System
  • The Melody II’s Real-time Flow Control System provides you precise control of your flow rate – each and every time you use it.
  • AutoAdjust - With AutoAdjust the power can be adjusted to the optimal level for your water ensuring you get peak H2 performance each and every time you use your Melody II.
  • Top Certifications - Including ISO 9001 and 14001, UL standard for Low voltage electrical, NRTL, CE and KFDA

State-of-the-art water filtration and cutting edge Hydrogen Infusion Technology. Designed to create ultra-clean water with optimal levels of dissolved molecular hydrogen…on demand.

  • Rate Voltage: 120V / 60Hz
  • Power Supply: Next Generation SMSP with AutoAdjust
  • Power Consumption: 150W
  • Dimensions: 12.5” x 14.5” x 5.5” (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 12.75 lbs (14.75 boxed weight)
  • Water Pressure Available: 15~90 psi
  • Tap Water Temperature Available: 40 ~ 86F
  • Protection Devices: 2 built-in temperature sensors
  • Electrolysis Method: Continuous
  • Electrode: 5 SmartDesign Platinum / Titanium
  • Generating Capacity: Standard (1.5L/min. at 28psi), Max (3.5L/min. at 90psi)
  • Setting: Alkaline Water (5 Levels), Purified Water, Acidic Water (2 Levels)
  • Cleaning: DARC Cleaning System - Dual Automatic Reverse Cleaning

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