AlkaViva elita Pure Non-Electric Water Ionizer

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  • Purely Simple - The dispensing button at the top of the elita Pure allows for quick and easy access to clean, alkaline, H2 enhanced water. Simply press the button to start dispensing, then press it again once you're finished. Connect to your water supply at the tap with a diverter or directly to your cold water line.
  • Purely Elegant - While packing a punch with filtration and ionization, the elita Pure retains its clean, minimalistic design that's an elegant addition to any kitchen. It's compact, so you don't have to worry about a bulky unit sitting on your countertop. Keep your kitchen uncluttered and your water clean.
  • elita Pure Contaminant Filtration - Removes virtually all contaminants (including heavy metals, pharma, chlorine, chloramine, VOCs etc.) up to 99.9%. Unmatched performance with proven test results.
  • .01M Micro-organism Filtration - Reduces virtually all microbial and other contaminants. Now there is ONE filter for both broad -based contaminants AND for micro-organisms removal.
  • elita Pure Enhanced Properties - As well as filtering, the elita Pure creates ideal levels of hydrogen enriched water (H2), ionization (-ORP) and alkalinity (pH).
  • Only the elita is capable of giving you the best water in all ways.
  • Creates Great Tasting Water - Recent advancements in the way water is treated means that nothing is added to your water. This in turn means great tasting water - just like nature Intended.
  • Intelligent - Never guess when it’s time to replace your filter. The Smart Alarm will flash RED when it’s time for a replacement (approximately 700 gallons). Never compromise your safety or health by drinking from an expired filter. We’ve got your back.

AlkaViva elita Pure Non-Electric Water Ionizer


Filter Technology: Ultra Water Impregnated Carbon Block + Hollow Membrane Technology
Filter Origin: USA (media) / South Korea (assembly)
Filter Replacement Method: ERF one-touch lever method
Filter Replacement Interval: Approximately one-year
Filter Capacity: 700 Gallons
Installation: Countertop with diverter / direct plumb
Temperature: 5° C - 35° C / 41° F - 95° F
Water Pressure: 1.5 kgf / cm2 - 7.0 kgf / cm2 - 21 - 100 psi
Flow Rate: 1.5 - 2 LPM
Weight: 6 lbs.
Size (W x D x H): 5.1" x 8.6" x 12.2"
SKU: 0019984

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