Terra Sana Kidney & Bladder Detox Tea - 28 Tea Bags

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  • All Organic Ingredients
  • Cleanses & Rebuilds
  • Helps Keep The Urinary & Renal Systems Functioning Smoothly
  • Assists with Dissolving Excess Minerals
  • Helps Create Healthy Urine Flow
  • Assists with UTI's Reducing Inflammation By Expelling Bacteria & Yeast From The Urinary Tract
  • Caffeine Free


Terra Sana Kidney & Bladder Detox Tea - 28 Tea Bags

Suggested Use:

Beginner: Drink tea once a day, in the morning, before or after breakfast

Advanced: Drink tea twice a day. Once in the morning before or after breakfast and once in the evening before or after dinner times daily.

Serving Size: 1 tea bag
Servings Per Container: 28

How To Make A Cup Of Tea:
1. Place fresh cold water in tea pot
2. Place tea bag in cup or mug
3. Bring water to boil and immediately pour over your tea bag
4. Steep for 5 mins
5. Remove tea bag
6. Cool to suitable drinking temperature and ENJOY!!!

Terra Sana Kidney & Bladder Detox Tea Ingredients (Proprietary Blend ):
*Juniper Berry, *Cornsilk, *Cleavers Herb, *Parsley Leaf, *Shavegrass Herb, *Couchgrass Root, *Uva Ursi Leaf *Tribulus Root, *Pipisissewa Leaf

Terra Sana Kidney & Bladder Detox Tea is a delicious beverage that also yields a number of health benefits. Each day, your kidneys process about 200 quarts (that's 50 gallons!) of blood to help remove about two quarts of waste products and excess water from food and breakdown of tissues. In other words, our kidneys are basically sophisticated trash collectors and they are responsible for taking waste out of our bodies.

Terra Sana Kidney & Bladder Detox tea is a delicate herbal blend that cleanses and rebuilds. It helps keep the urinary and renal systems functioning smoothly by dissolving excess minerals and creating healthy urine flow. Kidney & Bladder Detox assists with UTI's helping reduce inflammation by expelling bacteria and yeast from the urinary tract.

Adding Kidney & Bladder Detox tea is a great addition to a healthy eating plan.

Some Additional Benefits Include:

  • Supports Urinary & Bladder Health Naturally
  • "Easy To Drink" Kidney Tea Is Not Only Non-GMO, but also Organic, Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Fosters Healthy Urine Flow To Help Cleanse The Waste Out Of Your Body
  • Assists with Naturally Maintaining The Kidneys and The Urinary Tract

Try Some Terra Sana Kidney & Bladder Detox Tea Today!

Caution: Should not be used by children, pregnant or lactating women.

NOTE: The information herein and our products are not intended to take the place of medical advice nor are they intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your physician before taking supplements, particularly if you are taking prescription medication. Our product contains nutrients that have been clinically proven to nutritionally support the body. However, under the rules created by the FDA, we cannot claim that, by consuming our products, it will cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. And, because of the nature of how we produce our products, using only natural ingredients, our products will never be classified as a drug. Only a drug, approved by the FDA, may claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Disclaimer: Results may vary and are not guaranteed.