Terra Liquid Sea Salt - 4oz

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  • Packed with Beneficial Trace Minerals
  • Colloidal Mineral Salt Spray
  • Spray On Foods Or Take Orally
  • Helps With Energy & Food Cravings
  • A Source of "Sustainable Energy"

Suggested Use:

Adults - Spray on salads & vegetables as a condiment. Also 1-3 sprays under tongue if you feel yourself getting sluggish and need some energy.

Terra Liquid Sea Salt

4oz Liquid Spray

Our bodies need ENERGY to keep running. Where do you get that energy? Salt. We're not taking about the salts you get at restaurants and other places that have iodine and/or caking agents. We're talking about a mineral salt like Sea Salts & our product called Terra Liquid Sea Salt.

When you are deficient in energy that means you are deficient in salt.

Here are some benefits of Terra Liquid Sea Salt:

- Salts (sodium) are the foundation of life. Salt is needed to sustain life. We need to replenish the salt used by our bodies every day to maintain optimal health and vitality.

- Salt can help with sugar cravings.

- Use as a seasoning on your food and enhance the flavor of anything you are eating

Try some Terra Liquid Sea Salt today!

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